This Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection Policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") is an integral part of the Agreement with the user of the Web portal (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") and is effective simultaneously with it. The terms and concepts used in this Policy are analogous to the terms and concepts used in the Agreement. This Policy defines the procedure for processing Confidential Information by the Company and applies to all Users of the Web portal. The Company processes Confidential Information within the limits and in the manner defined by this Policy, the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection," and other relevant legislation of Ukraine. By using the Web portal, the User agrees to this Policy and gives explicit consent to the collection, accumulation, storage, processing, deletion of Confidential Information, including their personal data, which is a mandatory condition for using the Web portal. In case of disagreement with the terms of the Policy, the User is obliged to cease using the Web portal. Confidential information for the purposes of this Policy is any information about the User (including personal data) received by the Company directly from the User and/or in connection with the User's use of the Web portal (hereinafter referred to as "Confidential information"). Processing of Confidential Information is any action (operation) or set of actions (operations) performed by the Company using automation tools or without the use of such tools, with Confidential Information, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, modification), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of Confidential Information.
The Company processes the following Confidential Information:
1. Data provided by the User independently by registering on the Web portal and using the services of the Web portal: 1.1. Information provided by the User for registration of a personal profile (includes last name and first name, email address, mobile phone number, personal photo (if desired)). 1.2. Information provided by the User when placing Ads on the Web portal (technical specifications of the car, car photos, car history, etc.). Users guarantee that the personal data provided by them is true and up-to-date. Users bear full responsibility, including civil, administrative, and criminal liability, for all information provided (posted) by them during the registration of a personal profile on the Web portal and the use of services. The User must fully understand and independently assess all risks associated with the provision (disclosure) of relevant information. The User bears full responsibility for all and any information posted/provided for placement in the personal profile, including contact details. The User realizes and agrees that such information (including contact details) is open to an unlimited number of persons, thus any third party may access such information. The Company in no case bears responsibility for the consequences of the User providing information about themselves in a personal profile for general access by an unlimited number of persons.
2. Data received by the Company in connection with User inquiries: 2.1. inquiries for technical support, complaints about other Users, providing feedback, ratings to other Users, etc.
3. Information generated during the use of the Web portal: 3.1. a unique set of letters and numbers (for example, ID546787) assigned by the Web portal upon registration (User Identifier), information about the User's location, information about the use of the Web portal (including date and time of use), User status (online or offline status, other status), functions used on the Web portal, malfunctions in the operation of the Web portal, etc. Processing such information is necessary for the proper functioning and optimization of the Web portal.
4. Information about the User's device used to access the Web portal, including but not limited to IP address, cookies, software, unique device identifiers, device serial numbers. The Company processes Confidential Information within the limits provided by the current legislation of Ukraine, in the manner and scope necessary for the proper functioning of the Web portal and the proper provision of Company Services, including: user registration; user identification and authorization; ensuring the proper functioning of the Web portal; searching for and analyzing the causes of possible errors in the operation of the Web portal; ensuring communication between the Company and Users, including technical support, informing Users about Service updates, responding to User requests; facilitating communication between Users; analyzing usage statistics of the Web portal and evaluating interest in the Web portal; improving the quality and convenience of using the Web portal; ensuring compliance with the terms of the Agreement, including combating fraud and improper User behavior.
Use of cookies: When a User visits the Web portal, some of their data is automatically collected using cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data stored by a website, application, or other platform on the User's computer, tablet, smartphone, or other device, containing information about browsing history, settings, or site usage. The following types of cookies are used on the Web portal: Technical cookies (necessary) These files ensure the use of the Web portal and its functionality. They serve to identify data or sessions, control security. They provide the ability to view restricted sections (profile for registered Users), place orders, make payments. This includes the User Identifier, username, email, and phone number, selected language of the user interface. Such cookies are processed on the Web portal based on the agreement with the User. To ensure User access to the Web portal or provision of Services, such cookies are loaded by default. Also included in this category are cookies that allow remembering additional settings on the Web portal chosen by the User. For example, the User can set the preferred language, the number of search results per page, appearance, etc. Each User session will correspond to the settings chosen by them on the device. Analytical cookies These files allow the Web portal to monitor the number of Users, the visitation of Web portal sections and interactions with it, perform statistical analysis to improve the Web portal. Analytical cookies are processed based on the User's consent. Advertising cookies These files store information about the User's usage history of the Web portal. Such files are used to display advertising banners and recommendations from Web portal partners that may interest the User. Advertising cookies are used on the Web portal only based on the User's consent.
When processing their personal data, the User has the right to: know about the sources of collection, the location of their personal data, the purpose of their processing; receive information about the conditions for providing access to their personal data, including information about third parties to whom personal data are transferred; access their personal data; receive, no later than thirty calendar days from the date of receipt of the request, except as provided by law, information on whether their personal data is processed, as well as receive the content of such personal data; present reasonable requests to the Company objecting to the processing of their personal data; present reasonable requests to the Company for the modification or destruction of their personal data if such data is processed unlawfully or is inaccurate; protection of their personal data from illegal processing and accidental loss, destruction, damage due to intentional concealment, non-provision or untimely provision thereof, as well as protection from providing information that is inaccurate or discrediting the honor, dignity, and business reputation of an individual; apply legal remedies in case of violation of legislation regarding the protection of personal data; withdraw consent to the processing of personal data (in this case, the processing of personal data until the withdrawal is considered legitimate).
The Company utilizes various tools to protect Confidential information from unauthorized access or disclosure, including but not limited to: appointing responsible individuals for organizing the processing of confidential information; ensuring the preservation of media containing confidential information; establishing rules for accessing confidential information; using means to protect Confidential information necessary to prevent unauthorized access to Confidential information; detecting instances of unauthorized access to Confidential information and taking appropriate measures. In doing so, the Company does not provide and cannot provide any guarantees and is not responsible for the actions of third parties who have gained unauthorized access to Confidential information.
The User acknowledges that in case of negligent handling by the User of the security and protection of their personal data and authorization data, third parties may gain unauthorized access to the User's personal profile, personal and other data of the User. The Company is not responsible for damages caused by such access. The Company is not responsible if access to the User's Confidential information and/or their personal profile was obtained by third parties due to the User being deceived or by other criminal means.
The Company reserves the right to use confidential information, including providing it to third parties without notifying the User, due to: investigation of violations of legislation and/or any violations of the rules of using the Web portal by transferring data to law enforcement agencies at their legitimate request regarding the transfer of such data; resolution of conflicts and legal disputes, upon receipt of a request with legal justification; combating fraud; protecting the rights, property, or security of the Company, other Users. The Company may provide User Confidential information without notifying Users at the request of competent authorities, processed in accordance with the procedure established by current legislation of Ukraine.
The Company reserves the right to provide Confidential information to affiliated persons of the Company and other trusted third parties (including payment systems) for processing such Confidential information on behalf of the Company, which have appropriate authority for such actions, including but not limited to based on a power of attorney. Such processing is carried out in accordance with the Company's instructions and this Policy. By accepting the terms of this Policy, the User gives their consent to the processing of Confidential information by third parties on the terms of this paragraph.
In case of sale or reorganization of the Company's business, as a result of which the Company transfers the Web portal to a new owner, the Confidential information of Users may be transferred to such a new owner without prior notice to Users in order to ensure the continuity of the Web portal's operation. The Company stores User Confidential information on secure servers located in Ukraine. The Company retains User Confidential information for as long as it is necessary to provide the Services or until the day the User requests its deletion. Deleting Confidential information upon the User's request received using the Web portal's tools automatically entails the termination of the Service Agreement and deactivation of the User's personal profile (registration termination). Confidential information is deleted except for the part that was publicly disclosed by the User during the use of the Services. Upon deletion of the User's personal profile, the User loses the ability to use the Web portal through the deleted personal profile.
Users should be aware that when following certain links posted on the Web portal, they may be redirected to services, applications, websites of third parties where the processing of Confidential information is beyond the control of the Company. In this case, the privacy policies and rules for processing personal data of such third parties will apply, for which the Company bears no responsibility.
The Company has the right to send the User informational messages and any other information regarding the operation of the Web portal by sending push notifications and/or messages to the registered email address/registered mobile phone number of the User. The User has the right to opt-out of such messages in the settings of their personal profile or by following the link in the respective message or by sending a corresponding request to the email address
The relations between Users and the Company arising from the application of this Policy are governed by the legislation of Ukraine, including the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection" and other international legal acts ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and which have entered into force.
The Company reserves the right to update this Policy at any time without the need for prior notice to the User. The new edition of the Policy becomes legally effective from the moment it is posted on the Web portal. The User is obliged to monitor the current editions of the Policy. If the User disagrees with the changes made, the User is obliged to immediately stop using the Web portal. The fact of continuing to use the Web portal confirms the User's consent to the edition of the Policy.
For questions, comments, and complaints regarding the processing of Confidential information and personal data by the Company, as well as for deleting the User's profile, you can contact by sending an email to the email address
Privacy Policy edition as of 28.02.2024.