Big Promotion at CardrivePlace Ads Free and Win money Money Prizes!
Promotion conditions:
At Cardrive, we're always looking to reward our users and add value to their used car selling or buying experience. To that end, we're excited to announce the launch of an exciting promotion that will give everyone the chance to not only post their ads for free, and win cash prizes!How does it work?From 01.03 to 31.03, anyone who places an ad for the sale of a used car on our website will automatically become a participant in the draw for two types of prizes:1. Weekly prizes: Each week we will randomly select one lucky winner to receive 2 000 UAH. 2. Monthly grand prize: At the end of the promotion period, one lucky winner will receive a grand prize of 20 000 UAH! The winners will be announced on the “Winners” page of our website, Telegram and on Instagram @cardrive_ua, where their Instagram accounts and profiles will be displayed, allowing other users to congratulate the winners and view their ads.
How to participate?
1. Visit and log in to your account (or register if you don't have an account yet).2. Advertise your car for sale.3. Your ad will automatically participate in the promotion.Don't miss your chance to take advantage of this amazing offer! Post your ad for free and get a chance to win one of our cash prizes. This is a great opportunity to not only sell your car, but also earn some extra cash!We look forward to your announcements and wish every participant the best of luck!